Everything from design and
development to manufacturing.


We regularly research for what is next and collect information about mega trends in order to develop different designs and styles to our customers.  Our design team is able to design and present custom denim collection digitally which reduces the sample development time before going into production.


We share our knowledge and the latest developments with our customers. ROKA development lab is open to all our customer to create and innovate
together to develop the most suitable and sustainable collections.

Fabric Sourcing

We have a strong understanding of choosing the right fabrics for each season, which is crucial to keep us moving in the right direction to success!
We work with the best fabric producers that adhere to environmental protection policies and gives added value to our customers collections. We guide our clients in choosing the most suitable fabrics to achieve the desired finished product and price point.



We carry out all manufacturing processes from cutting to sample sewing, washing and finishing inhouse. This way, we are able to share our extensive knowledge and experience of the whole process which we share with our customers to best address their needs. 

Bonded (Seamless) Production
We are also using special manufacturing technics such as heat welding and heat press machines, that enables us to create seamless garment finishing and produce special bonded jeans in an environmentally friendly way.


Roka Textile is always very conscious of its social responsibility towards nature and people in all its production phases; from design to development and mass production. 
We have transformed the denim washing to an environmentally friendly process in our production plant which is certified as “Green Factory”.
We use environmentally friendly washing techniques that consume less water, such as laser and ozone. The integration of these technologies into our washing lines allows us to create vintage looks and other fashion effects on jeans with much less water and chemicals