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We have been developing and producing denim products for over 25 years and continuously
improving and perfecting our products and services since our inception.

We are committed to improving environmental sustainability impacts while continuing to
produce the highest quality products using the most responsible processes.

Ecological Footprint

Eco Friendly Washing Machines

Our machines are capable of achieving all washing tasks. Due to the system’s drum design and structure, we achieve better washing effects on garments as well as reducing the water, chemical and heating energy usage. The drum structure provides better effects on the fabrics, therefore increasing the effectiveness of washing quality.

The unessential water which normally has to be kept in the gap area can also be eliminated by the latest technology drum system. Water consumption reduces dramatically and depending on saved water, all chemicals, heating energy and waste water consumptions are reduced as same by 40-50%.

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Air Floating Tumble Dryers

The machine allows high diffusion of air flow that helps better drying performance. With the help of system’s recycling system, perfect drying effects are obtained with homogenous heat conductivity along with noticeable savings from drying energy and time.

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Washing Development Room

Our development room has the mini versions of all our bulk washing and dyeing machines.

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Eco Friendly Garment Dyeing Machines

We are using a system that provides 70 % saving from water, chemicals, heating energy, waste water, 40 % saving from electricity and 20 % saving from dye stuff.

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Ozone Machines

Most of the denim laundries still use chemicals like Sodium Hypochloride, Potassium Permanganate, etc to apply “Denim Bleach” process. With this method of denim bleach, heated water is needed to neutralize the garment by removing the chemicals. Such mills need to consume huge amounts of energy for this process which is not eco-friendly. Ozone Technology reduces water, chemical and energy consumption dramatically.

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Human & Eco-friendly Spray And Chemical Application

We use double filtration system for the water. By this system, the impurity of water is prevented. The chemical particles are bound properly by the help of the water screen and air flushing system. By this system, a very effective absorption is achieved by vacuum air cleaning, ending up with the diffusion of chemical odour which is human and environment friendly.

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Bonded (Seamless) Production

We are using environmentally efficient heat-welding and heat press machines, that enables us to create seamless garment finishing and produce special bonded jeans.

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